Green Hornet sidekick joins next Fast and the Furious film

LOS ANGELES, CA — As Universal prepares for another lucrative box office weekend for their latest Fast and the Furious franchise movie, The Fate of the Furious, producers are already preparing for the next film in the franchise.

Late last night when no one was paying attention, the studio announced that Kato, the famed chauffeur/enforcer for the Green Hornet, will join the cast of the ninth franchise installment.

“I am huge fan of movies,” said Kato. “I look forward to meeting Rock and kicking butt.”

Bringing in Kato opens door for more martial arts in the next Fast and the Furious installment.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Kato since I was a kid,” said actor Jason Statham. “He was a big inspiration for me. He’s the reason my mum got arrested when I was six after I shot bottle rocks from the hood of the car….I was also driving it.”

Speaking of cars, also pulling onto the set of the next film will be Kato’s famed car, The Black Beauty. The 1966 Imperial Crown Hardtop will have to compete against much newer and faster cars being used in the films, but Kato doesn’t seem worried.

“Last week, when driver in front of me go slow. I shot it with rocket and cleared road,” said Kato. “No Ferrari can do that.”

When Tyrese Gibson heard the news, he couldn’t hold in his excitement. He quickly tweeted out:

KATO!!! Great casting. Can’t wait to ask him what it was like to live with OJ!            #freeloader #fastandIlostcount #amIstillinthesemovies?


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