X-Men team member, Jubilee, imprisoned in North Korea

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — A trip meant to boost relations with North Korea has turned into a nightmare for teenage X-Men Jubilee.

News out of the recluse nation is that Jubilee was arrested shortly after the failed missle launch on Sunday. Experts believe she’s being charged as an enemy agent sent to sabotage the launch.

Jubilee was an honorary guest at the “Day of the Sun” celebration in Pyongyang. Her presence was a peace token from the United States to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who requested an X-Men attend the festivities as part of international negotiations regarding the country’s nuclear weapons program.

“She wanted to be an ambassador of peace,” said her friend Anna Marie.

Jubilee, daughter of Chinese-American immigrants, told a newspaper in Westchester, New York, that she was “super-excited for this adventure.” She talked about how she was going to use her plasmoids to light up the North Korean sky as part of her “peace and love” firework show.

Jubilee’s last known message home was a Tweet posted Saturday morning.

Mall here is CRA-CRA! 😜 🐹✨💥😍

Vice President Mike Pence was in Seoul over the weekend, part of his four-nation Asian tour. When asked about the situation regarding Jubilee he responded, “Who?”

We reached out to the X-Men to learn if a rescue mission was underway and they referred us to the State Department.

The State Department has stated there is currently no effort to get her back.


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